Steve Wright

Steven Wright (Lead Vocals, Guitarist, Songwriter)
Stephen Wright first got serious about playing music when he began playing guitar at the age of 16. After a teacher let him borrow a classical guitar for the summer, his dad bought him a guitar that he could turn down or turn off…a Fender Squire Strat. After high school in Ocean City New Jersey, Steve moved to Washington D.C. with the Coast Guard. During this time, he started writing music, constructing songs, and began working on singing. After spending 4 years in the Coast Guard and deciding to get out, Steve discovered Craigslist, and went searching for band members. This is how the List was born…

Taylor 210E Acoustic Guitar w/expression system
Epiphone Les Paul Standard
Greg Bennett RL5 Royal Hollow Body Jazz Guitar
Marshall MG30 DFX Amp
Shure Beta 87C

m_0cbaf18acd2944f58cf159fdedb42139 Eric Grabow (Bass)
At the age of 15 in the suburbs of Milwaukee Wisconsin Eric decided to take up playing the bass. After a couple of years of honing his craft and getting a college education Eric stated playing with a number of groups in Southeast Wisconsin, including High Strung and Shades of Sorrow. In 2007 Eric moved to the DC area in hopes of finding a larger musical market to entertain and a warmer climat to live in. Soon after moving he met up with Steven Wright and Dan Sullivan and started laying down the bottom end of what would soon become The List . The rest of the story in laid out in the songs you hear the band play today.

Peavey Cirrus 4 string bass
Ibanez SR506 6 string bass
Galien Kruger Heads and Enclosures

P1060404 Dan Sullivan (Drums, Vocals)
Dan hails from Rockland County, NY and currently resides in Rockville, MD. You may be pondering, “is it a coincidence that all his places of residence contain the word rock?” Well, the only way to find out is to come see The List in action. Dan attended George Washington University and played baseball for The Colonials. After college he signed a professional contract with the Tampa Bay Rays and played a two year stint in their organization. After his baseball days came to a close, Dan decided he wanted to pursue music with a little more integrity…which has now lead him to creating delicious beats for The List…

Tama Starclassic Drums
WorldMax Black Hawg Snare Drum 6.5×14
Paiste Twenty Series Cymbals
Zlidjian Cymbals


Steve Mead (Keys, Guitar, Vocals)
Steve is originally from the West coast, and moved into the DC area in 2003. Although he primarily plays keyboard, he loves the sound of the acoustic guitar, and the power of the electric guitar, and enjoys performing with all three. And throughout his musical career, has played with a variety of bands (mostly cover bands), until early 2009 when he auditioned for The List. After an intense 2-hour initial session (to see if he was “list worthy” as they put it), he was invited to join as a full member. Steve has worked hard in helping the band grow its unique sound, expand both vocally, musically, and work through the creation of its first album. As a performer, Steve tends to be a bit of a perfectionist, and will be constantly adjusting his equipment, moving around on stage, and trying to make sure everything is working as it should. However, he believes strongly that being a band entails interacting the the audience and giving them the best possible show, and that the connection between the audience, the music, and performer is the whole reason why he is a musician.

‘06 Fender Stratocaster
‘06 Taylor 310CE Acoustic Guitar
Digitech GSP1101 Pre-amp/Modeler w/Foot controller
M-Audio Prokeys 88SX (2)
Yamaha Motif Rack ES
Shure Wireless, (Both Personal Monitor, Instrument)

Tim Tim Young (Lead Guitarist, Vocals)
Tim started his career of face-melting at the tender age of 14 when he found his dad’s old hippie guitar in the attic. After moving to the DC area in 2001 he got serious about music and has been gigging in the area ever since. A veteran of both the club band and wedding/corporate circuit, Tim can also be found popping up at the occasional open mic.

Tim plays an Epiphone Wildkat with 2 P90s and a humbucker-equipped Reverend Roundhouse through a Yamaha DG series amplifier. He will gladly use whatever gear anyone wants to sponsor him with.

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