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The Washingtonian, “Rio” (10/09)

by on Oct.11, 2009, under --2009, Past Shows

Our return visit to the Washingtonian/Rio was a blast.  We had a great audience, and probably one of the bigger local shows we have had.  I think we gave out at least 50 business cards, and had a great time.  I got to sign my first autograph!  At one point we were highly entertained by everybody dancing, at least I think thats what its called…heh… yea you know who you are!

We always forget to get good pics of the show as once everything starts… but I have a couple blurry ones.  If anybody has better pics, be sure to send them along and we can get them posted.

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Recording Vocals at 1 E. 28th Studios (9/27), Day 2:Settling In

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Wow, long days trying to get this stuff all done.  Mainly its on Steve to nail the vocals, but also Deuce is helping out with background vocals, and keeping everything going.  The guitar tech was excellent, and was constantly working on things as we were recording.  Even better yet, he has a company that makes a line of custom guitars–you can check out his work at “Ronin Guitars”.

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Recording Vocals at 1 E. 28th Studios (9/26), Day 1:Getting Started

by on Oct.11, 2009, under --2009, Band Blog, Past Shows

Interesting time in the studio.  We had a chance to work with a great group of people at 1 East 28th Recording Studios, and had a blast finishing up the vocals on our album.  Its a well laid out studio and everything was top notch…

We especially wanted to thank Ted Young from the Magic Shop for helping out, coordinating everything, and then putting in the long days in getting everything recorded, working through issues, and making us sound good!

They even had a resident mascot, “Emily” that hung out with everybody while we were there.  Emily-dog was pretty funny when she got riled up, but other than that would just chill, hang out and give Steve pointers on vocal techniques every once in a while.

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Francescas Bar w/Reality Stricken (9/12/09)

by on Sep.13, 2009, under --2009, Past Shows

We had a great time closing out the CD Release party for Reality Stricken on Saturday night!  They have a great sound, and really rocked the place–be sure to head to their site, purchase a CD and help support the band (they are also on Itunes).

  • The Rescue got the whole show rolling, kicking bass lines, and warmed everybody up.
  • Thanks to everybody for letting us use your amps, and P.A.  Nothing like being able to move bodies by a sheer wall of sound!
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